Finding the Silverlining

Once upon a time, two designers from very different fields fell very much in love. After a few years had passed, they both felt that their design prowess was being wasted, and was atrophying with disuse. On a car ride that seemed like it might never end, the idea of Silverlined Apparel was born.

One of these two traveling designers, Isabelle Taylor, had quite a bit of experience managing online storefronts, social media coordination, and all around panicking-in-a-direction. 

The other designer, Lucas Gonzalez, got his degree in Industrial Design and was all about creating perfect experiences and products for clients. 

An online apparel company was born.

Over the next few weeks and months, these designers trudged through every obstacle that was thrown their way, in order to present to you....

Silverlined Apparel.

We hope you love it.